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Analyse The Climate Change In The New South Wales Area of Australia

Question: Talk about the Analyze The Climate Change In The New South Wales Area of Australia. Answer: Presentation The climatic conditions on Earth have been transforming from quite a while back in the history. In the previous 649000 years, seven patterns of sub zero advancement and retreat have been seen, and the ice age finished suddenly somewhere in the range of 6998 years prior, after which the climatic change in the air started. A colossal piece of these atmosphere changes is credited to little collections in Earth's circle that change the proportion of daylight the planet gets. The current warming model is of specific centrality considering the way that a tremendous piece of it is inconceivably at risk to be the aftereffect of human improvement since the mid-twentieth century.The warm getting nature of carbon dioxide and different gasses was showed up in the mid-nineteenth century. Their capacity to affect the exchanging of infrared importance through the earth is the savvy present of numerous instruments flown by NASA. There is more likely than not that all-inclusive degrees of nursery gas ses must explanation the Earth to warm as necessities be.The point of this report is to examine and talk about the environmental change in the New South Wales region of Australia, having a key spotlight on its capital, Sydney. The report starts with giving a general thought regarding the atmosphere in Sydney, the ongoing changes in the local atmosphere, its belongings, the future projection of these climatic changes and the administrations endeavors to alleviate these impacts (Commonwealth of Australia, 2017). Climatic conditions in Sydney Sydney acknowledges a brilliant environment with smooth winters and hoy summers, perfect for profiting by the outside. The late spring season in Sydney begins from December and keeps awake to the period of February. In the midst of summer, typical temperatures stretch out from 19 26.2C, and ordinary dampness spikes to 66%. This is a marvelous chance to benefit as much as possible from Sydney's bounteous shore lines, when water temperatures climb to 20 - 23C.Harvest time is the mildest season in Sydney, which starts in March and proceeds until the finish of May. During these months the tenacity drops and typical temperatures fall between 14 - 21C. New, outside air makes reap time the season for benefiting as much as possible from Sydney's sea shore front walks. Sydney's coolest months are June to August when typical temperatures drop between 10-18C . Sydney's precipitation is generally raised in June, with an ordinary of 132 mm, while July is the coolest month when typical daytime tem peratures accomplish just 12.8C . In the spring, that reaches out from September to November, the days are more sizzling anyway the moistness isn't as high as summer. Ordinary regular temperatures go from 10-22C (Lambert, 2017). Ongoing Changes in the atmosphere A mid year heat wave consumed the most populated pieces of Australia as of late, with temperatures besting 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Sydney and 96 degrees in Melbourne, with readings up to 118 degrees progressively far off inland.As wild bursts fumed and a couple of atmosphere stations uncovered fantastic and month to month record highs, air scientists advised that this current summer's over the top warmth, super-charged by ecological change, is transforming into Australia's new ordinary (Australian Government, 2017). Almost reliably has brought exceptional warmth this mid year, anyway the latest flood was surprising by encompassing pretty much all of New South Wales, home to the capital Sydney and 7.7 million people. The ordinary most extraordinary temperature hit 111.4 degrees Fahrenheit Saturday transversely over around 300,000 square miles, similar to a region the degree of the southeastern U.S. The glow has helped fuel considerable crazy flames and beginning late Sunday, 48 flames were wearing wild in New South Wales. Countless people were being purged in some natural reaches, with specialists saying the conditions are more lamentable than in the midst of the deadly Black Sunday fires that killed 175 people in 2009, Australian media uncovered. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology envisions that better than anticipated warmth will hang on through February and into March.The region of New South Wales was 6 degrees Fahrenheit superior to expected in January, making it the third-most smoking January record. A couple of towns west of Sydney had record-setting runs of temperatures more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with the example continuing into February, as showed by a current post on NOAA's Climate.gov site (Tourism Australia, 2017). The advancement of warmth discovering ozone exhausting substance sullying in the atmosphere infers things will break down. Before the century's finished, Australia's tropics will see an additional 40-50 warmth wave days, while Sydney and Melbourne will see 2030 additional long stretches of ridiculous warmth consistently. Winter in the Greater Sydney locale was drier than typical as a rule, and Sydney's driest since 2009. The days were more sultry than ordinary, yet like the past winter. Typical to cooler than ordinary least temperatures were no matter how you look at it inland, yet more sweltering than ordinary short-term temperatures governed closer to the coast. Most outrageous temperatures were superior to expected for winter across over Sydney. The mean normal most prominent temperature in Sydney was 19 C, the proportional seventh-most sultry on record and equal to winter 2016. The finish of July was particularly warm, with numerous stations over the city recording their most sizzling July day on record on the 30th. Observatory Hill recorded 26 days more than 19 C in the midst of the period and Parramatta North recorded 25 days, the two of which are more than typical yet like the amount of warm winter days of late. Least temperatures at Observatory Hill were as time goes on typical, nonetheless ,were to some degree colder than ordinary in the suburbs; winter least temperatures for Parramatta North were 6.6 C for winter, 0.8 C colder than typical (Berwyn, 2017). Social Impact of Climatic Change Changes in precipitation and higher dissemination rates are likely going to provoke less water for streams and conduits in the Sydney Metropolitan Catchments, which will have downstream results for reserves and spot strains on the catchment's water resources. For example, on account generally designs toward diminished precipitation, as of August 2012, catchment stores at Woronora were at only 30% of the cutoff. In like manner, a great deal of Sydney Metro's water resources are sourced from the neighboring Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment, where different key reserves are furthermore at under half capacity.Therefore, most of natural change impacts of Sydney's water gracefully may come about due to impacts in upstream catchments (Fountain, 2017). Higher temperatures will incite lacking winter chilling for some regular item trees, which may diminish natural item yield and quality. It may wind up recognizably critical to consider low chill groupings and choice organization choices. Neverthele ss, higher temperatures are presumably going to reduce the peril of hurting winter frosts. Changes to the environment will exceptionally influence the catchment's plants and animals. Starting at now, 151 species, ten populaces and 23 organic gatherings in the catchment are designated incapacitated or risked. In spite of the fact that, the risks to the catchment's biodiversity are commonly an aftereffect of land clearing, alterations of conduit streams and water deliberation, ecological change is likely going to also strengthen insurance tries. The geographic flow of a creature bunch is routinely portrayed by its 'environment envelope,' reflecting species-specific protections from limits of temperature and clamminess. Ecological change is likely going to drive changes in the scattering of some plant and animal species, driving a couple of animal groups out of the catchment or enabling trespassers to move in. Meanwhile, even those species prepared for adjusting to natural change alone may give in to the total effects of various modifications. Regardless of such impacts, little is truly known, concerning how natural change may impact the catchment's rich biodiversity or organic networks, for instance, its endangered sea shore front saltmarsh. More sizzling winters are most likely going to diminish maladies brought about by chilly climate, anyway more blazing summers are presumably going to extend the threat of warmth related clinical issues, especially in the old populace. For example, natural change and masses advancement and developing may grow yearly warmth related passings in those developed more than 67 in Sydney from 178 at present to 362 414 continuously 2020 and 720 1,300 by 2050. More blazing temperatures may in like manner add to the spread of powerful contaminations, notwithstanding the way that the spread of tropical sicknesses, for instance, dengue fever into the Sydney-Metro catchment remains improbable (CSIRO, 2016). The collected condition is moreover helpless against natural change. And furthermore influencing on homes, it will impact establishment, business structures and other physical assets. Changes in typical air will impact building plan and execution, including essential rules and cooling and warming interest. Higher summer temperatures, for example, may affect the revaluation of building plan and measures to ensure warm comfort at irrelevant expense, while possible augmentations in over the top breezes may require increasingly overwhelming turn of events. Furthermore, an assessment by Austroads contemplated that natural change would add to increases in road bolster costs in NSW of up to 28% by 2100, by and large as a result of doubts about the effects of ecological change and people improvement on movement volumes (Shaftel, 2017). Given additions in the power of the overwhelming precipitation events, streak flooding and strains on water establishment, for instance, sewerage and waste systems would rise, particularly in urban domains. For example, an assessment b

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Essays --

Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman gives us how one man's visually impaired confidence in a misinterpretation of the American Dream turns into a fixation of achievement that devastates his life and about that of his family. Mill operator's principle character Willy Loman by one way or another comes to accept that achievement consistently goes to the individuals who are popular and attractive. His ruin is that he doesn't liken accomplishment with difficult work and persistence. This flawed reasoning shields him from accomplishing his objectives of riches and status. His young men Biff and Happy are shown the equivalent flawed qualities and are bound to bomb also. The overwhelming impacts of Willy's fixation are seen all through the family beginning with Willy who starts to lose his psyche and his certainty that he will some time or another win. He is torn between refusal that he is eventually a disappointment and edginess to prevail at any expense. As Willy would see it a man without progress is nothing. Linda, Willy's worshiping spouse climate's Willy's high points and low points with tolerance and expectation that sometime he will understand that he is effective. She accepts that a home, a caring family, and food on the table are all anybody needs. Linda says to him for what reason must everyone vanquish the world? You're well similar to and everybody cherishes you (p292). She is frequently attempting to call attention to his achievements, in any case, he chooses to disregard. Cheerful, Willy's most youthful child is really a wreck. He emulates his dad's example into the business world, where he is as a matter of fact miserable, yet proceeds since it is what is anticipated from him. He, as Willy accepts that achievement is the proportion of a man. He says I gotta show a portion of those affected, bombastic administrators over yonder that Hap Loman can measure up (p 250). We see his visually impaired want to succeed and know he's headin... ...g Charley, there's a greater amount of him in that front stoop than in all the business he at any point made (p328). The last composition of this play incorporates some splendid lines. Above all, Linda's last words at her better half's grave; Willy, dear I can't cry, for what reason did you do it, I search and search and I search, and I can't get it, Willy. I made the keep going installment on the house today. Today, dear, and there'll be no one home. We're without a worry in the world. We're free...We're free... (p329). Linda knew from the beginning what was significant, and now Willy has passed on before regularly acknowledging how much achievement he truly had; a genuine companion in Charley, and the adoration for his better half and children. His home, paid for and set up with his own two hands. In the event that anything can be gained from the life of Willy Loman, it is that occasionally what we wish for isn't what we need, and by endeavoring aimlessly we may miss what we have.

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Womens Week 2005

Women’s Week 2005 Janet 06 and Neera 06 worked with the Student Activities Office, other MIT offices, and various corporations to organize and fund this years Womens Week. Check out the variety of events that are going on. Womens Week 2005 November 5th-10th To promote a model of femininity that incorporates and embraces the properties of intelligence, competence,and ambition. Saturday, November 5 Undergraduate Female Leadership Conference (UFLC) 9am-1pm, Hotel @ MIT The UFLC will be a forum for active student leaders to share ideas, air frustrations, and advance the leadership role of women at the Institute (MITRA NOTE: I have pictures of this, and will post them as soon as I am able to resize them.) QWiLLTS Benefit Concert: Smashing the Ceiling 8pm, 10-250 This concert features Magdalen Hsu-Li, a bisexual, Asian-American musician and cultural activist. Raquel Evita Sidel opening. Suggested donation of $5 for students and $10 for non-students. All donations will go to The Network/La Red, a local group working to end domestic violence in lesbian, bisexual and trans women. Open to the public Sunday, November 6 QWiLLTS Workshop: True Diversity 11am, 10-105 (Bush Room) This workshop will help us understand our own diversity, share our beliefs about race, culture, gender, sexuality, explore the difference between programming and instinct, give us tools for taking action and options, and offer suggestions for re-programming techniques. Features Magdalen Hsu-Li as facilitator. RSVP required to [emailprotected] Monday, November 7 Kick Butt! 8-10pm, T-Club Lounge Have fun kicking butt with the legendary HoHo. Take an exclusive club workout class geared towards self-defense. Money, Money, Money! 7-9pm, 35-225 Essential for anyone who wants to make money and spend it! Come watch two back to back entertaining and informative seminars by Cap Compass, including Translating Day 1: At Work and Loving Your Money. Topics covered include W4s, 401k, HMOs, stocks, credit cards, and loans. Pizza will be provided. Sponsored by MIT SWE. Tuesday, November 8 Mannersmith Etiquette Training 7-9pm, Ashdown Hulsizer Room Do you ever feel slightly uncomfortable at formal dinners? Do you feel the need to brush up on those dining skills in preparation for those internship and job interviews? Then this Gracious Dining seminar is for you! Gather tips about appropriate ordering, table manners, and dinner conversation as you enjoy your own delicious dinner. RSVP at web.mit.edu/womensweek/mannersmith.html. Sponsored by MIT SWE. Streetwise and Safe 8:30-9:30pm, 5-233 Ever feel frightened walking down dorm row or Vassar? What should you do if youre assaulted? Listen to great advice from the chief sergeant of Campus Police, Cheryl Vossmer. Wednesday, November 9 Tai Chi for Women! 7-8pm, MAC court Womens fitness! Relax tension, form your mind, and flex your body. Instructed by Dorri Li, featured in womens exercise videos! Raising Our Voices: Facing International Female Realities 8pm, Coffeehouse This event will allow MIT female faculty and female students to share their stories of struggle and conflict in the face of balancing feministic ideals of equality with traditional prejudices and limitations. It will be a storytelling session, an opportunity to relate and learn from others, and most importantly a chance to discuss available international initiatives to aid women in need. Thursday, November 10 Tax Workshop 9-10am, 4-270 4-5pm, 4-237 Confused about taxes? Dont know the difference between credits and deductions? Then join us for an informative tax workshop aimed towards college-aged students. Topics covered include taxable income, credits, deductions, and an overview of the tax system. You have two times to choose from. Light refreshments will be provided at both. Sponsored by MIT SWE. Double Dare: The Ultimate Sex Challenge! 7pm, Lobdell Based off of the hit Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, this event will reveal which gender is more informed about sex. Hosted by Laura Stuart and Chad Waxman, dare to take on the physical challenge and test your knowledge everything from Name the top 3 reasons a condom breaks to How do I get emergency contraception? Men and women will be chosen from the audience to participate (similar to The Price is Right), so pre-register online at web.mit.edu/womensweek/. Brought to You By: Panhellenic Association Association for Women Students MIT Society of Women Engineers QWiLLTS (Queer Women Looking for Life in Tech School) Black Womens Alliance

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Saint Anselm, A Strong Believer On The Existence And...

Three in One Saint Anselm, a strong believer in using the art of rational thought to prove the existence and essence of God, in his works, Proslogium, Monologium, and Cur Deus Homo, discusses the complexity of the Trinity. He ponders many questions like â€Å"What is the role of each member of the trinity?† or â€Å"How can three separate beings, each with distinctive characteristics, be united as one and share the same essence?† These are all very good questions and would be best put to thought, in the hope of strengthening a Christian’s faith. But the real question is, are rationality and numbered proofs enough to achieve salvation or is something else needed to gain entrance to the kingdom of heaven? The concept of a supreme being who consists†¦show more content†¦One needs to believe and trust in all members of the Trinity or they are missing out on God entirely. God in His sovereign knowledge instilled this basic principal all throughout His Word. F or example, He spoke of His desire for the church in 2 Corinthians when Paul said, â€Å"For the body does not consist of one part, but of many†¦God has arranged the parts, every one of them, in the body according to His plan. Now if all of it were one part, there wouldn’t be a body, would there? So there are many parts but one body.† Just like His body of believers, God has many parts with their different functions and attributes, but are one â€Å"body† or in this case, one perfect God. If God was just the attribute of Justice, where would be the God of Grace, the one who sent His Son to die on the cross for undeserving sinners? If God was only forgiving and gracious, wouldn’t everyone go to heaven? God mirrors His nature of multiple qualities within one being in His beloved creations, the church. Anselm goes on to conclude that the best example of the nature of the Trinity given to us is the example and attributes of the human mind. In his work, M onologium, he attributes each member of the Trinity with a certain characteristic of the mind. He declares, â€Å"We mean by

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Violent Games An Addictive Product - 873 Words

In 2014 there was a popular game named Flappy Birds this was created by Dong Ngugen. This game generated  £50,000 per day, however this game was removed down as people were addicted to the game. Dong Nguyen said, I can t take it anymore my life is not as comfortable as before, and I am losing my sleep over this game. Not only did this affect Dong Nguyen but other people as it caused serious addition and serious incidents occurred. As a result from this game a 17 years old boy stabbed his brother 17 times in the chest because he had a higher score. Therefore, action had to be taken and the game was removed. The developer said But it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it s†¦show more content†¦As a result of playing games it can lead to children or adults getting restless and irritated in the long term. However, aggression is more common in boys age 12-15 but this decreases by age. Children are affected more with aggressive behaviour and feel the urge to play digital games. This is due to their brains still developing. According to research shown in the article of Applied Development Psychology, violent gaming also has an influence on brain development. As a result of violent games causing the individual to become more aggressive, study has shown that the heart rate is affected in boys aged between 12-15. Researchers from Stockholm University, Uppsala University and Karolinska Institute in Sweden have worked together with this study. In this study several boys aged 12-15 were asked to play two types of digital games in the evening to determine whether violent games has an impact on the heart rate and sleep of children. The outcome of this study was that the heart rate consistency was a concern when children played violent games compared to non-violent games. However the children who played violent games before sleeping felt they had not slept well compared to non-violent games. Lack of communication in families is a serious problem and this is because children are isolating themselves in their rooms playing digital games and not

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Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six Free Essays

I’m too stunned to do anything to stop him, really. Well, okay, as the initial shock of it is wearing off, I find I don’t want to stop him. I’m stunned to realize that†¦ well, I like how it feels, being in Adam’s arms. We will write a custom essay sample on Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six or any similar topic only for you Order Now It feels good. It feels safe. It feels warm. It feels†¦ well, almost as if I were a normal girl, for a change. Not the new girl. Not the exterminator’s daughter. Just†¦ me. Mary. It’s a feeling I could get used to. â€Å"Mary,† Adam says. He’s so much taller than me that his breath tickles the tendrils that have fallen from the updo that I’ve twisted my hair into. I don’t mind, though, because his breath smells good. I look up at him dreamily. I can’t believe I never noticed-really noticed-how handsome he is before now. Well, last night, actually. Or maybe I noticed, but it never really registered, because what would a guy like him ever see in a girl like me? In a million years, I never thought I’d end up at the prom with Adam Blum†¦ And okay, sure, he only asked me because he obviously feels sorry for me, on account of my mother being a vampire and all. But still. â€Å"Hmmm?† I say, smiling up at him. â€Å"Uh.† Adam seems uncomfortable, for some reason. â€Å"I was wondering if-you know, when this is all over, and you’ve dusted Drake, and Lila and Ted are back together-you’d want to, um†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Oh God. What’s happening? Is he†¦ is he about to ask me out?. Like on a real date? One that doesn’t include sharp, pointy objects? No. This isn’t happening. This is a dream or something. In a minute, I’m going to wake up, and it’s all going to go away. Because how could such a thing even be possible? I can’t breathe, I’m so sure I’ll break whatever spell we’re both under if I do†¦ â€Å"Yes, Adam?† I ask. â€Å"Well.† He can’t seem to make eye contact anymore. â€Å"Just if you’d want to, you know, maybe hang out-â€Å" â€Å"Excuse me.† The deep voice that interrupts Adam then is all too familiar. â€Å"But may I have this dance?† I close my eyes in frustration. I cannot believe this. I am never going to get a guy I actually like to ask me out at this rate. Never. Never. Never. I am going to stay a freak-the product of similar freaks-for the rest of my life. Why would a guy like Adam Blum ever want to go out with me in the first place? The child of a vampire and a mad scientist? Let’s face it. Not going to happen. And I’ve had it. I’ve had it up to here. â€Å"Listen, you,† I say, whirling around to face Sebastian Drake, whose blue eyes widen a little at the fire in mine. â€Å"How dare you come oozing around†¦Ã¢â‚¬  But then my voice trails off. Because suddenly all I can see are those eyes†¦ †¦ those hypnotically blue eyes, which suddenly make me feel like I could dive into them, letting their warmth wash over me in sweet, soft waves†¦ It’s true he’s no Adam Blum. But he’s looking at me in a way that makes it clear he knows that, and that he’s sorry for it, and that he’s going to do everything he can to make it up to me†¦ more than make it up to me, even†¦ And the next thing I know, Sebastian Drake is taking me into his arms-gently, so gently-and leading me from the dance floor toward a set of French doors through which I can see a night-darkened garden, bathed in twinkling fairy lights and moonlight†¦ just the kind of place to which you’d expect to be led by the golden-haired descendant of a Transylvanian count. â€Å"I’m so glad we finally have the chance to meet,† Sebastian is saying to me in a voice that seems to caress me like a feather-soft touch. Everyone and everything we’ve left behind us-the other couples; Adam; a stunned Lila, staring after us jealously; Ted, staring jealously at her; even the streamers and rosettes-seems to melt away as if all that exists in the world is me, the garden that I find myself in, and Sebastian Drake. Who is reaching up to smooth some loose tendrils away from my face. In a dim, inner recess of my mind, I remember that I’m supposed to be afraid of him†¦ to hate him, even. Only I can’t think why. How could I possibly hate someone as handsome and sweet and gentle as he is? He wants to make me feel better. He wants to help me. â€Å"You see?† Sebastian Drake is saying, as he lifts one of my hands and presses it, softly, against his lips. â€Å"I’m not so terrifying, am I? I’m just like you, actually. Just the child of-let’s face it-a very formidable person, who’s trying to figure out his own place in the world. We have our burdens, do we not, you and I, Mary? Your mother says hello, by the way.† â€Å"M-my mother?† My brain seems to be as filled with fog as this garden we’re standing in. Because while I can picture my mother’s face, I can’t remember how Sebastian Drake could possibly know her. â€Å"Yes,† Sebastian says, his lips now moving from my hand and up toward the crook of my elbow. His mouth feels like liquid fire against my skin. â€Å"She misses you, you know. She doesn’t understand why you won’t join her. She’s so happy now†¦ she doesn’t know the pain of illness†¦ or the indignity of aging†¦ or the heartbreak of loneliness.† His lips are on my bare shoulder now. I’m having trouble breathing. But in a good way. â€Å"She is surrounded by beauty and love†¦ just like you could be, Mary.† His lips are by my throat. His breath, so warm, has seemed to cause my spine to go limp. But it’s all right, because one of his strong arms has gone around my waist, and he’s holding me up, even as my body, as if of its own volition, is arching backward, allowing him an unobstructed view of my bare throat. â€Å"Mary,† he whispers against my neck. And I feel so peaceful, so serene-something I haven’t felt in years, not since Mom left-that my eyelids drift closed†¦ And the next thing I know, something cold and wet hits me in the neck. â€Å"Ow,† I say, opening my eyes and slapping a hand there†¦ then pulling it away to find my fingers slick with some kind of clear moisture. â€Å"Sorry,† Adam calls from where he’s standing a few feet away, his arms stretched out in front of him, the mouth of his Beretta 9mm water pistol aimed right at me. â€Å"I missed.† A second later, I am gasping for air as a thick cloud of acrid, burning smoke hits me in the face. Coughing, I stagger away from the man who, just seconds before, had been holding me so tenderly, but is now clutching at his smoldering chest. â€Å"Wha-† Sebastian Drake gasps, pounding at the flames leaping from his chest. â€Å"What is this?† â€Å"Just a little holy water, dude,† Adam says, as he continues pumping away at Drake’s chest. â€Å"Shouldn’t bother you. Unless, of course, you’re a member of the undead. Which, unfortunately for you, it appears you are.† And a second later, I’ve come back to my senses and am reaching beneath my skirt for my stake. â€Å"Sebastian Drake,† I hiss, as he sinks to his knees before me, howling in pain. And rage. â€Å"This is for my mother.† And I plunge the hand-carved piece of ash deep into the place where his heart would have been. If he’d had one. â€Å"Ted,† Lila says, in a syrupy voice, as her boyfriend lies across the contoured plastic bench with his head in her lap. â€Å"Yes?† Ted asks, looking up at her adoringly. â€Å"No,† Lila says. â€Å"That’s what I’m getting for my tattoo next time I’m in Cancn. Across the small of my back. The word Ted. So from now on, everyone will know I belong to you.† â€Å"Oh, honey,† Ted says. And pulls her head down so he can stick his tongue in her mouth. â€Å"Oh my God,† I say, looking away. â€Å"I know.† Adam’s returned from throwing a glow-in-the-dark twelve-pound bowling ball down the disco-lit lane. â€Å"I almost liked her better when she was under Drake’s spell. But I guess it works out better this way. Ted’ll hurt a lot less than Sebastian. That was a strike, by the way. In case you missed it.† He slides onto the bench beside me and looks down at the scoring sheet in the glow of the lamp just above my head. â€Å"Well, what do you know? I’m winning.† â€Å"Don’t get cocky,† I say. Although I have to admit, he has a lot to brag about. Not just winning at Night Strike bowling, either. â€Å"Just tell me,† I say as he reaches up and finally pulls off his bow tie. Even in the weird disco lights of Bowlmor Lanes-the bowling alley where we’d retreated for our post-prom activities, a mere nine-dollar cab ride from the Waldorf-Adam still looks obscenely handsome. â€Å"Where’d you get the holy water?† â€Å"You gave a bunch of it to Ted,† Adam says, looking down at me in some surprise. â€Å"Remember?† â€Å"But how’d you get the idea to put it in the water gun?† I demand. I’m still reeling from the evening’s earlier activities. Midnight bowling is fun and all. But nothing can really compare with slaying a two-hundred-year-old vampire at the prom. Too bad he’d fizzled into ash out in the garden, where no one but Adam and I could see it. We’d have been voted prom king and queen for sure, instead of Lila and Ted, who are both still wearing their crowns†¦ although they’ve tilted a little rakishly, due to all the kissing. â€Å"I don’t know, Mare,† Adam says, filling in his own score. â€Å"It just seemed like a good idea at the time.† Mare. No one has ever called me Mare before. â€Å"But how did you know?† I ask. â€Å"I mean, that Drake had-well, whatever? I mean, how could you tell that I wasn’t faking it? To lull him into a false sense of security?† â€Å"You mean besides the fact that he was about to bite you on the neck?† Adam raises a single dark brow. â€Å"And that you weren’t doing a damned thing to stop him? Yeah, I had a pretty good idea of what was going on.† â€Å"I’d have snapped out of it,† I assure him, with a confidence I most definitely do not feel, â€Å"as soon as I felt his teeth.† â€Å"No,† Adam says. Now he’s grinning down at me, his face illuminated by the light from the scoring desk’s single lamp. The rest of the bowling alley is in darkness, except for the balls and pins, which glow with an eerie fluorescence. â€Å"You wouldn’t have. Admit it, Mary. You needed me back there.† His face is so close to mine-closer than Sebastian Drake’s ever got. Only instead of feeling as if I could dive into his gaze, I feel as if I’m about to melt under it. My heartbeat staggers. â€Å"Yeah,† I say, unable to keep my gaze from drifting toward his lips. â€Å"I guess I kinda did.† â€Å"We make a good team,† Adam says. His own gaze, I can’t help noticing, isn’t straying far from my mouth, either. â€Å"Wouldn’t you say? I mean, especially in light of the coming apocalyptic event? When Drake’s dad finds out what we did tonight?† I can’t help gasping a little at that. â€Å"That’s right,† I cry. â€Å"Oh, Adam! He’s not just going to come after me. He’s going to come after you, too!† â€Å"You know,† Adam says. And now his gaze has drifted from my mouth, and downward. â€Å"I really do like that dress. It goes great with bowling shoes.† â€Å"Adam,† I say. â€Å"This is serious! Dracula could be getting ready to descend upon Manhattan at any moment, and we’re wasting time bowling! We’ve got to start getting ready! We need to prepare a counterattack. We need to-â€Å" â€Å"Mary,† Adam says. â€Å"Dracula can wait.† â€Å"But-â€Å" â€Å"Mary,† Adam says. â€Å"Shut up.† And I do. Because I’m too busy kissing him back to do anything else. Besides, he’s right. Dracula can wait. How to cite Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six, Essay examples Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six Free Essays â€Å"Sheba,† she said, her dark eyes widening. â€Å"Sheba†¦ Smith.† â€Å"Well, would you like to dance then, Sheba Smith? If you feel well enough. We will write a custom essay sample on Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six or any similar topic only for you Order Now † â€Å"Yes,† she breathed, half to herself. â€Å"Yes, why not?† Her eyes never left his. Not moving from where they were, Gabe and Sheba began swaying to the rhythm of yet another wretched song. This time, the horrid music didn’t offend Gabe as much. Gabe put it together then. New girl. Amazing dress. Sheba. This was Logan’s date, the one who’d asked him to the prom and then wanted nothing more to do with him. For a half second, Gabe worried if it was wrong for him to infringe on his friend’s date. But the worry passed quickly. For one thing, Logan was happy with Libby. There was no sense in interrupting something that was clearly meant to be. For another, Sheba and Logan were clearly not meant to be. Gabe had always had a good instinct for that-for the personalities that belonged together, for compatible natures that would pull together harmoniously. He’d been the butt of many jokes about matchmaking, but he didn’t mind. Gabe liked people to be happy. And this intense girl with the deep pools in her eyes-Sheba-did not belong with Logan. That desperate sense of need had calmed when he’d touched her. Gabe felt much better with her in his arms-holding her seemed to soothe the strange call. She was safe here, no longer drowning, no longer lost. Gabe was afraid to let her go, worried that the burning need would return. It was an odd first for Gabe, this feeling of being in exactly the right place, of being the only one that belonged here. It wasn’t that he’d never had a girlfriend before-girls liked Gabe, and he’d had many casual relationships. But they never lasted. There was always someone else they belonged with. None of them really needed Gabe, except as a friend. And they’d always stayed good friends. It had never been like this. Was this where Gabe belonged? Shielding this slender girl, holding her safe in his arms? It was silly to think so fatalistically. Gabe tried hard to act normal. â€Å"You’re new at Reed River, aren’t you?† he asked her. â€Å"I’ve only been here a few weeks,† she confirmed. â€Å"I don’t think we have any classes together.† â€Å"No, I would have remembered if I’d been close to you before.† It was an odd way of phrasing it. She stared into his eyes, her hands clinging gently to his shoulders. Instinctively, he pulled her a little closer. â€Å"Are you having a good time tonight?† he asked. She sighed, a deep sigh from the center of her being. â€Å"I am now,† she said, oddly rueful. â€Å"A very good time.† Trapped! Like an idiot, like a new-spawned whelp, a novice, a rookie! Sheba leaned into Gabe, unable to resist. Unable to want to resist. She stared into his heavenly eyes and had the most ridiculous urge to sigh. How had she not seen the signs? The way goodness itself surrounded him like a shield. The way her suggestions bounced right off him harmlessly. The way the only ones safe from her evil tonight-those little bubbles of happiness outside of her control-were the people he’d touched and interacted with, his friends. The eyes alone should have been warning enough! Celeste was smarter than Sheba. At least her instincts had kept her away from this dangerous boy. Once she was free of his piercing gaze, she’d kept a safe distance between them. Why hadn’t Sheba understood the reason behind this? And the reason Gabe had chosen Celeste in the first place. Of course he’d been drawn to Celeste! It all made sense now. Sheba swayed to the beat that rumbled through the air, feeling the security of his body around her, protecting her. Tiny, unfamiliar tendrils of happiness twisted their way through her empty core. No-not that! Not happiness! If she was already feeling happy, then better things couldn’t be too far behind. Was there no way to avoid the horrible wonder of love? That wasn’t very likely when you were in an angel’s arms. Not a true angel. Gabe didn’t have wings, he’d never had them-he wasn’t one of those sappy birdbrains who’d traded feathers and eternity for human love. But one of his parents had done just that. Gabe was fully half-angel-though he didn’t have a clue about his nature. If he’d had any idea, Sheba would have heard that in his mind and escaped this divine horror. Now it was only too obvious to Sheba-this close, she could smell the scent of asphodel clinging to his skin. And, clearly, he’d inherited his angel-parent’s eyes. The heaven-blue eyes that should have been a dead giveaway, if Sheba hadn’t been so wrapped up in her evil plotting. There was a reason even experienced demons like Jezebel were wary of angels. If it was hazardous for a human to stare into a demon’s eyes, it was doubly so for a demon to get locked into an angel’s. If ever a demon met an angel’s gaze for too long, pfffffft! – out went the fires of hell and the demon was trapped until the angel gave up on saving him. Because that’s what angels did. They saved. Sheba was an eternal being, and she was trapped for however long Gabe decided to keep her. A full angel would have known what Sheba was at once, and driven her out if he were strong enough, or given her a wide berth if he wasn’t. But Sheba could imagine what her presence would feel like to someone with Gabe’s instinct to save. Innocent of the knowledge he needed to understand, Sheba’s damned state must have been like a siren’s call. She stared helplessly into Gabe’s beautiful face, her body filling with happiness, and wondered how long the torture would last. Already too long to save her perfect prom. Without her hellfire, Sheba had no influence over the mortals here. But she was still fully aware, watching helpless and disgustingly blissful, as it all fell apart. Cooper Silverdale gasped in horror as he looked at the gun glistening in his shaking hand. What was he thinking? He shoved the weapon back into its hiding place and half ran to the bathroom, where he violently vomited the punch into the sink. Cooper’s stomach problems interrupted Matt and Derek’s fistfight, which was just warming up in the men’s room. The two friends squinted through their swollen eyes at each other. Why were they fighting? Over a girl that neither of them even liked? How stupid! Suddenly, they were interrupting each other in their urgent need to apologize. With smiles on split lips and arms around shoulders, they headed back to the ballroom. David Alvarado had given up his plans to jump Heath after the dance, because Evie had forgiven him for disappearing with Celeste. Her cheek was soft and warm against his now as they swayed to the slow music, and there was no way he would hurt her by disappearing again, not for any reason. David was not the only one who felt that way. As if the new song was magical rather than insipid, the dancers in the big ballroom each moved instinctively toward the person they should have come with in the first place, the one that would transform the night’s misery into happiness. Coach Lauder, lonely and depressed, looked up from the unappetizing cookies straight into Vice Principal Finkle’s sad eyes. She looked lonely, too. The coach walked toward her, smiling hesitantly. Shaking her head and blinking her eyes like someone trying to escape a nightmare, Melissa Harris pulled away from Tyson and ran for the exit. She would find the concierge and get a cab†¦ Like a rubber band that had been stretched too far, the atmosphere at Reed River’s prom now snapped back with a vengeance. If Sheba had been herself, she would have pulled that rubber band until it exploded into pieces. But now all the misery and wrath and hate vanished. The human minds had been stuck in their grip too long. With relief, everyone at the prom relaxed into happiness, grasped at love with two hands. Even Celeste was tired of the mayhem. She stayed in Rob’s arms, shuddering slightly at the memory of those perfect blue eyes, as one slow song melted into the next. Neither Sheba nor Gabe even noticed the song change. All her delicious pain and misery destroyed! Even if she did get free, Sheba was destined for middle school now. Where was the injustice?! And Jezebel! Had she planned this? Tried to distract Sheba from the fact that a dangerous half-angel was here tonight? Or would she be disappointed? Was she really there in encouragement? Sheba had no way to find out. She wouldn’t even be able to see Jezebel now-whether the horned demoness was laughing or chagrined-with her fires extinguished. Disgusted with herself, Sheba sighed in happiness. Gabe was just so good. And, in his arms, she felt good, too. She felt wonderful. Sheba simply had to get free before happiness and love ruined her! Would she be trapped with some feather-back’s heavenly offspring forever? Gabe smiled at her, and she sighed again. Sheba knew what Gabe would be feeling now. Angels were never happier than when they were making someone else happy, and the bigger the lift in that other person’s spirit, the more ecstatic the angel. As perfectly miserable and damned as Sheba had been, Gabe must be flying now-it would be almost as good as having wings. He would never want to let her go. There was just one chance left for Sheba, just one way back to her wretched, miserable, burning, stinking home. Gabe had to order her there. Thinking of this chance, Sheba felt much worse, felt a welcome wave of her former misery. Gabe tightened his hold on her as he sensed her slipping down, and the misery was drowned in contentment, but Sheba remained hopeful. She stared up into his love-filled angel-eyes and smiled dreamily. You’re evil incarnate, Sheba told herself. You have a true talent for misery. You know suffering inside and out. You can get yourself out of this trap and everything will be like it used to be. After all, with as much pain and havoc as Sheba was capable of causing, how hard could it possibly be to get this angelic boy to tell her to go to hell? How to cite Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six, Essay examples Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six Free Essays â€Å"Put them up,† Glasses Geek said. â€Å"I mean your arms. Miranda did what he said because his hands were shaking so much she was afraid he’d shoot her by accident. We will write a custom essay sample on Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"Who are you? What are you doing here?† he demanded in a voice that shook almost as much as his hands. â€Å"I just wanted to get a glimpse of Her,† she said, hoping she made it sound right. He narrowed his eyes. â€Å"How did you know She was here?† â€Å"The Gardener told me, but I didn’t know where She was being kept so I climbed up that tree to look.† â€Å"Which affiliate are you with?† I knew this would end in tears. What now, smarty pants? Miranda raised an eyebrow and said, â€Å"Which affiliate are you with?† Adding for good measure, â€Å"I mean, I would remember a guy like you if I’d seen you before.† It worked! She saw him swallow hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. She would never doubt How to Get-And Kiss-Your Guy again! He said, â€Å"I’d remember you, too.† She hit him with a dose of Winsome Smile and saw the Adam’s apple do some more moving. She said, â€Å"If I give you my hand to shake, will you shoot me?† He chortled and put down the gun. â€Å"No,† still chortling. Holding out his hand now. â€Å"I’m Craig.† â€Å"Hi, Craig, I’m Miranda,† she said, taking it. Then flipped him onto his back and knocked him out cold in a single silent move. She looked at her hand for a second in shock. She’d definitely never done that before. That had been very cool. If you’re going to be an idiot and risk everything, you might as well do what you came for. You know, instead of just staring at the guy you knocked out? She bent to whisper, â€Å"Sorry. Take three aspirin for your head when you wake up and you’ll feel better,† in his ear, and moved around the edge of the safe house. There must have been an open window because she could hear voices here, the man who had been outside before now saying to someone, â€Å"Are you comfortable?† And Sibby answering, â€Å"No. I don’t like this couch. I can’t believe this is the nicest room in the house. It looks like a place for a grandma.† Heh! Miranda followed the sound of Sibby’s voice and found herself standing in front of one of the street-facing plate-glass windows, looking through a gap in dark blue drapes into a living room. There was a spindly-looking couch, chair, and coffee table. Sibby was in the chair, her profile to Miranda, with a plate of Oreos in front of her. She looked fine. The man was perched on the couch, smiling at Sibby, saying, â€Å"So, where are we supposed to drop you?† Sibby took the top cookie off the Oreo and ate it. â€Å"I’ll tell you later.† The man kept smiling. â€Å"I’d like to know so I can plan the route. We can’t be too careful.† â€Å"Oh my gods, there’s like hours before we go. I want to watch some TV.† Miranda heard the man’s heart speed up and saw his hand flex but he kept his tone light when he said, â€Å"Of course.† Then added, â€Å"As soon as you tell me where we’re taking you.† Sibby frowned at him. â€Å"Are you deaf or something? I said I’d tell you later.† â€Å"It’s in your best interest to talk to me. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to bring in someone else. Someone a bit more†¦ forceful.† â€Å"Fine. But while I’m waiting, can I please watch TV? Tell me you get cable. Oh gods, if you don’t have MTV, I’m going to be really pissed.† The man stood up with an expression on his face like he wanted to break something, then abruptly turned to face the door. Miranda heard footsteps coming toward the room from the hallway, and with them a familiar cha-cha heartbeat. Two seconds later Deputy Sergeant Caleb Reynolds burst through the door. See? Sibby’s in no danger. The police are here. Scram. Deputy Reynolds said to the man, â€Å"What’s taking so long?† â€Å"She won’t talk.† â€Å"I’m sure she’ll change her mind.† His heartbeat picked up. Sibby glanced at him. â€Å"Who are you?† Caleb said, â€Å"I’m the Gardener.† This was extremely not good, Miranda decided. â€Å"I wasn’t very impressed with the front lawn,† Sibby told him. â€Å"I’m not that kind of Gardener. It’s a nickname. They call me that because-â€Å" â€Å"Actually, I’m not even vaguely interested. I don’t know what you’re planning, Plant Boy-â€Å" â€Å"Gardener,† he corrected, going a touch red. † – but if you need to know where I’m supposed to be picked up by the Overseer, then you have to keep me alive, right? So you can’t exactly threaten me with death.† â€Å"Not death, no. But pain.† He addressed the man. â€Å"Go get me my tools, Byron.† As the man left the room, Sibby said, â€Å"I’m not going to tell you anything.† Deputy Reynolds circled around so he was leaning over her chair, his back to the window. â€Å"Listen to me-† he said, his heartbeat slowing down suddenly. Miranda did a round-off, smashing through the window feet first, then knocked him unconscious with a side kick to the neck before he could turn around. She bent to whisper, â€Å"Sorry,† in his ear, decided as punishment not to tell him about the aspirins, grabbed Sibby, sprinted to the car, and stepped on the gas. How to cite Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six, Essay examples Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six Free Essays Yun Sun’s voice grew sharp. â€Å"Frankie, no!† â€Å"I’m such an idiot-why didn’t I think of it before?† â€Å"Wait. Don’t do it, don’t make the-† She broke off. We will write a custom essay sample on Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six or any similar topic only for you Order Now I heard a â€Å"whoops,† followed by drunken apologies and someone saying, â€Å"Oh, I love your dress!† It sounded like everyone was having fun. I’d soon be having fun with them. I made it to the den and approached the bookshelf where I’d left the corsage. I patted the tops of the books and then the space behind them. My fingers found softness, like petals of skin. â€Å"I’m back,† Yun Sun said. The background sounds had diminished, suggesting she’d stepped outside. â€Å"And, Frankie, I know you’re hurting. I know that. But what happened to Will was just a coincidence. A terrible, terrible coincidence.† â€Å"Call it what you want,† I said. â€Å"I’m making my second wish.† I plucked the corsage from behind the books. Yun Sun’s anxiety intensified. â€Å"Frankie, no, you can’t!† â€Å"Why not?† â€Å"He fell from three hundred feet! His body was†¦ they said he was mangled beyond†¦ that’s why they had a closed casket, remember?† â€Å"So?† â€Å"He’s been rotting in a coffin for thirteen days!† she cried. â€Å"Yun Sun, that is a tasteless thing to say. Honestly, if it were Jeremy being brought back to life, would we even be having this conversation?† I drew the flowers to my face, lightly touching the petals with my lips. â€Å"Listen, I’ve got to go. But save some punch for me! And Will! Ooo, make that lots of punch for Will-I bet he’ll be absolutely crazed with thirst!† I flipped my phone shut. I held the corsage aloft. â€Å"I wish for Will to be alive again!† I cried exultantly. The stench of decay thickened the air. The corsage curled, as if the petals were shrinking in on themselves. I flung it away on autopilot, just as I’d shake off an earwig that chanced to light on my hand. But whatever. The corsage wasn’t important. What was important was Will. Where was he? I glanced around, ridiculously expecting him to be sitting on the sofa, looking at me like You’re scared of a bunch of dried flowers? Pitiful! The sofa was empty, a gloomy, looming shape by the wall. I darted to the window and peered out. Nothing. Just the wind, fluttering the leaves on the trees. â€Å"Will?† I said. Again nothing. A tremendous well of disappointment opened inside me, and I sank into my father’s leather armchair. Stupid Frankie. Stupid, foolish, pathetic me. Time passed. Cicadas chirped. Stupid cicadas. And then, so faint, a thud. And then another. I straightened my spine. Gravel popped on the road†¦ or maybe the driveway? The thuds came closer. They were labored and with the odd offbeat of a limp, or of something being dragged. I strained to hear. There-a thump, ten feet away on the porch. A thump that was distinctly inhuman. My throat closed as Yun Sun’s words wormed back to me. Mangled, she’d said. Rotting. I wasn’t paying attention before. Now it was too late. What had I done? I jumped out of the chair and fled to the entry hall, safe from the eyes of anyone-or anything-who might choose to peer through the den’s wide windows. What, exactly, had I brought back to life? A knock echoed through the house. I whimpered, then clapped my hand over my mouth. â€Å"Frankie?† a voice called. â€Å"I’m, uh†¦ yikes. I’m kind of a mess.† He laughed his self-deprecating laugh. â€Å"But I’m here. That’s the important thing. I’m here to take you to prom!† â€Å"We don’t have to go to prom,† I said. Was that me sounding so shrill? â€Å"Who needs prom? I mean, seriously!† â€Å"Yeah, sure, this from the girl who would kill for the perfect romantic evening.† The knob rattled. â€Å"Aren’t you going to let me in?† I hyperventilated. There was a series of plops, like overripe strawberries being dropped into the trash, and then, â€Å"Aw, dude. Not good.† â€Å"Will?† I whispered. â€Å"This is so uncool†¦ but do you have any stain remover?† Holy crap. Holy, holy, holy crap. â€Å"You’re not mad, are you?† Will asked. He sounded worried. â€Å"I came as fast as I could. But it was so frickin’ weird, Frankie. Because, like†¦Ã¢â‚¬  My mind flew to airless caskets, deep in the ground. Please, no, I thought. â€Å"Forget it. It was weird-let’s leave it at that.† He tried to lighten things up. â€Å"Now are you going to let me in, or what? I’m falling to pieces out here!† I pressed my body against the hall wall. My knees buckled, I wasn’t doing too well with muscle control, but I reminded myself that I was safe behind the solid front door. Whatever else he was, Will was still flesh and bones. Well, partially. But not yet a ghost who could move through walls. â€Å"Will, you’ve got to go,† I said. â€Å"I made a mistake, okay?† â€Å"A mistake? What do you mean?† His confusion broke my heart. â€Å"It’s just†¦ oh God.† I started crying. â€Å"We’re not right for each other anymore. You understand, don’t you?† â€Å"No, I don’t. You wanted me to ask you to prom, so I asked you to prom. And now for no good reason†¦ ohhh! I get it!† â€Å"You do?† â€Å"You don’t want me to see you! That’s it, isn’t it? You’re nervous about how you look!† â€Å"Um†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Should I run with this? Should I say yes just so he would leave? â€Å"Frankie. Dude. You have nothing to worry about.† He laughed. â€Å"One, you’re beautiful; and two, compared to me, there’s no way you won’t look like†¦ I don’t know, an angel from heaven.† He sounded relieved, as if he’d had a niggling sense of something being off, but couldn’t quite place his finger on it. But now he knew: It was Frankie having self-esteem issues, that’s all! Silly Frankie! I heard a shuffling, and then the bump of a small wooden lid. My body tensed, because I knew that bump. The milk box-crap. He’d remembered the key in the milk box. â€Å"I’m letting myself in,† he called, slump-thumping back to the front door.† ‘Kay, Franks? ‘Cause all of a sudden I’m, like, dying to see you!† He laughed, jubilant. â€Å"I mean, wait, that came out wrong†¦ but, heck, guess that’s the theme of the night. Everything’s coming out wrong-and I do mean everything!† I fled to the den, where I got on my hands and knees and frantically patted the floor. If only it weren’t so dark! The deadbolt stuck, and Will jangled the key. His breathing was clotted. â€Å"I’m coming, Frankie!† he called. Jangle, jangle. â€Å"I’m coming as fast as I can!† My fear ratcheted so high that I was thrown into an altered state of reality. I was gasping and crying out, I could hear myself, and my hands were blind feelers, pawing and slapping as I crawled. With a thunk, the bolt slid home. â€Å"Yes,† Will crowed. The door swished over the frayed carpet at the exact instant my fingers closed on the crumbling corsage. â€Å"Frankie? Why is it so dark? And why aren’t you-â€Å" I squeezed my eyes shut and spoke my final wish. All sounds ceased, save for the rustle of wind in the leaves. The door, continuing its slow trajectory, bumped against the doorjamb. I stayed where I was on the floor. I sobbed, because my heart was breaking. No, my heart was broken. After several moments, the cicadas once again took up their yearning chorus. I rose to my feet, stumbled across the room, and stood, shivering, in the open doorway. Outside, a pale shaft of moonlight shone on the deserted road. How to cite Prom Nights from Hell Chapter Six, Essay examples

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Geography of Bliss free essay sample

When it comes to the topic of happiness, most of us will readily agree that it is a very important aspect of life. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of understanding what makes people happy in life. Whereas some are convinced happiness comes with money, other maintain that happiness comes when people have a good relationship with each other. In 2008 Eric Weiner published the book The Geography of Bliss, One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World. Eric Weiner journeys around the globe over the course of one year in order to find the happiest places in the world. He begins his journey in the Netherlands, home of the World Database of Happiness, where he meets the godfather of happiness research, Ruut Veenhoven. He searches for the happiest places on earth like Iceland, and even the unhappiest like Moldova. Eric Weiner selects ten different countries out of his list that range from different income levels, weather, tradition, and political views. We will write a custom essay sample on Geography of Bliss or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This journey took him all over the world in his own personal search for that word, Happiness. He finds out that each country have their own vision on happiness and the location is not a factor but families, relationships, culture, and occupation do have an effect in one’s true happiness. Weiner is one of the few that were able to show us where happiness is and was able to describe it but he also mentions that even the wealthiest countries like Qatar can’t buy happiness, love, and even culture. Also how the people of Moldova believe their unhappiness comes from poverty and they blame the Soviet Union and the politicians for not understanding their needs.